Employee monitoring and productivity platform For hospitality industry

According to McKinsey, over 20% of the workforce could work a week remotely as effectively as possible if working from the office.

Hybrid work has become a norm today for many industries. Thanks to the innovation and collaboration tools, a people-centric sector like hospitality today is experiencing profits even after getting hit by COVID-19. Through cloud-based hybrid work solutions, leaders can manage hotel processes and operations at any time, from anywhere.

Hospitality requires careful attention to the service details

Deadline Adherence

Adhering to deadlines and finishing predictable tasks on time is the first step to win customers; call for solutions that eliminate slow workflow.

Authorization Access

Teams in a hybrid work model need to have limited access to the data reserved for the management over their respective areas.

Time-off Compliance

Hospitality services cannot afford to play with quality or overpay anyone with fewer work hours, identifying the need for time-tracking.

Conflict Avoidance

Keeping scattered crew members’ schedules in the system can bring conflicts regarding tasks, leading to poor morale and staffing issues.

Security Challenges

Crucial customer data and privacy is sometimes vulnerable and is at risk of misuse by falling into the wrong hands; need proactive safeguarding.

Employee Scheduling

Scheduling employees’ tasks and hours can easily occupy the manager’s time, demanding an advanced and efficient solution.

Absence Management

Delay in work because of a worker falling ill or any login negligence needs a system that notifies all the available workers to help fulfil the vacant space.

Electronic records and centralized management

Recent developments in AI technologies are gaining popularity in service delivery, and COVID-19 has precipitated its use across hospitality management needs within a fraction of time while keeping costs down. Hoteliers, already bearing the repercussions post-pandemic, can streamline day-to-day operations that impact guest experiences in a simplified way.

Safety Adherence

Showcase visible precautionary and welcoming efforts as per safety protocols to nurture your guest experience with efficient employee training.

Activity Reporting

Get insights into high-level projects, employee numbers, and locations to improve operations and keep your clients happy.

Digital Timesheet

Keep a relevant representation of your crew timesheets to manage better without wasting time on paper records to prevent unwanted errors.

Crew Scheduling

Easily create schedules, get proactive, automated alerts on who missed their daily performance, and start late or abandoned work early.

Mobile Tracking

Go easy on track with having a quick peep into the task flow of your crew through mobile and get updates on login hours, location, and more.

Labor Cost Compliance

Track working hours of the hospitality crew paid by the limited time they work for and give rise to profitability with better compliance.

Prevent Wage-theft

Never let employees go unsupervised or give unnecessary wages without checking on productivity time, log-outs, and break regulations.

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